Leaving Jerusalem and Good-bye to Jericho

Jesus did not teach superficial nonsense. The New Testament does not present us with a blow by blow, verbatim summary of his teaching but the teaching of the very early church is neither puerile nor easy. It takes a lifetime to get it and if you approach it in the way you deal with everything else, you’ll not get it at all. Continue reading

A Sermon Preached on Presbytery Sunday

I do not normally publish the text of sermons for two primary reasons. There is usually a podcast available of the audio and a sermon is written in order to be preached and it is seldom that the preacher sticks rigidly to the text in front of him or her.

In this instance this is a revision to the point of a re-write of a sermon I preached a number of months ago. It was preached in Twynholm and Gatehouse churches on Sunday 17 September 2017. More than one person has been sufficiently gracious to request a copy of the sermon and therefore the easiest option is simply to make it available here. With this caveat, here it is. Continue reading

Romans 1: 26-27 and Other Excuses for Theological Illiteracy

The demise of the church is in part down to a complete transformation in the way in which people think about life and its deepest questions and at least partly also due to the unwillingness of many church members to read, think, engage with theology at anything other than the most superficial level. Continue reading

The Good Samaritan Koan

This is a slightly revised version of an address I gave at a recent workshop.

The Parable of the Good Samaritan illustrates how Jesus’ teaching works and how if affects and changes us and the work it demands of us, in us and from us.

There are no answers here, only a struggle to find the correct questions. In order to understand the Parable we have to understand that it is not providing us with quick answers to over simple questions. Continue reading