Essential Practices, Inner Awakening

These are some useful resources for those who are serious about the spiritual journey and wish to deepen and develop their own experience and awareness. These three daily practices are important to those who wish to awaken to their true identity.

They are reading the Bible, the Welcome Practice and Centering Prayer.

Imaginative and sensitive engagement with scripture means approaching the Bible in a spirit of willingness to change and to be transformed. It changes us. If it doesn’t unsettle us then we are not reading it. The authentic spiritual journey is about All of these practices are transformation therefore change as opposed to confirmation is always the goal.

Richard Rohr’s comments in this interview may be helpful.



Prayer has always been seen as an essential component of daily spiritual practice. However prayer which is a series of demands misses the point. Meditation, silent listening, objectless awareness is essential. Centering Prayer is not simply another form of meditation. It is different in that it places the emphasis on intention as opposed to intention. Practised daily this will make a huge different to the way in which you see, think and understand.

Thomas Keating provides a basic introduction to the practice which is primarily associated with his name.



The Welcoming Practice is closely related to Centering Prayer and complements it. It will enrich your spiritual development and journey. Cynthia Bourgeault presents the core idea and practice here.



Cynthia Bourgeault has written extensively on Centering Prayer. The best starting point is Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening and a more recently published book is The Heart of Centering Prayer: Nondual Christianity in Theory and Practice. Either will provide an in depth introduction to the subject. There is a course you can do which is also very useful which is produced by SoundsTrue but can be ordered directly from this website by clicking on the link, The Path of Centering Prayer: Deepening Your Experience of God.

This series of four videos opens up and explains the practice of Centering Prayer. This is vitally important teaching.








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