Christian preaching … does not offer a doctrine which can be accepted either by reason or by a ‘sacrificium intellectus’. Christian preaching is ‘kerygma’, that is, a proclamation addressed not to the theoretical reason, but to the hearer as a self.

Rudolf Bultmann

Jesus Christ and Mythology, Interpreting Faith for the Modern Era

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2 September 2018, Mark 7: 1-23

I will not be here next week but providing all things go well I will be with you for a while from the following Sunday, 9 September, and what I am thinking of doing then is spending a bit of time looking at some of the key moments in at least Genesis but perhaps...

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Jesus as Disciple not Saviour

r Jesus is not presented so much as a person as a pattern. In the gospels he often appears as the disciple par excellence, the man on a journey to complete self-realisation. It is at the end that we see who he really is and, in so doing, who we really are. twitter The...

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New Wave Believer – the Sea of Faith

  When Don Cupitt presented this series way back in 1984, he was described as the 'New Wave Believer'. New Waves come and go. The irony here was that there was nothing new even in the early to mid nineteen eighties in anything Cupitt was saying. The genius here lies...

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Spinning Relationships and the Weaving of Community

This is the text of the address I gave at a workshop on 1 October 2017. 'Forgiveness is the yarn out of which relationships are spun and communities are woven.' These were more or less the closing words of the sermon I preached this morning. I believe that they are...

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