Christian preaching … does not offer a doctrine which can be accepted either by reason or by a ‘sacrificium intellectus’. Christian preaching is ‘kerygma’, that is, a proclamation addressed not to the theoretical reason, but to the hearer as a self.

Rudolf Bultmann

Jesus Christ and Mythology, Interpreting Faith for the Modern Era

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Leaving Jerusalem and Good-bye to Jericho

Jesus did not teach superficial nonsense. The New Testament does not present us with a blow by blow, verbatim summary of his teaching but the teaching of the very early church is neither puerile nor easy. It takes a lifetime to get it and if you approach it in the way...

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A Sermon Preached on Presbytery Sunday

I do not normally publish the text of sermons for two primary reasons. There is usually a podcast available of the audio and a sermon is written in order to be preached and it is seldom that the preacher sticks rigidly to the text in front of him or her. In this...

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The Good Samaritan Koan

This is a slightly revised version of an address I gave at a recent workshop. The Parable of the Good Samaritan illustrates how Jesus' teaching works and how if affects and changes us and the work it demands of us, in us and from us. There are no answers here, only a...

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The Hero’s Journey

The three video clips used in the latest workshop were shown primarily to encourage participants to recognise that it is impossible to see and experience anything new if we continue simply to do everything we have always done in the same way as we have always done...

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Making Connections in order to Perceive and Understand

There is an expectation when people express a desire to go and to delve further into their faith further than what can be offered in the context of the average Sunday morning service that what will be offered will immediately focus on detailed work on specific...

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