Christian preaching … does not offer a doctrine which can be accepted either by reason or by a ‘sacrificium intellectus’. Christian preaching is ‘kerygma’, that is, a proclamation addressed not to the theoretical reason, but to the hearer as a self.

Rudolf Bultmann

Jesus Christ and Mythology, Interpreting Faith for the Modern Era

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Going Too Far and Sending Confusing Messages

The biggest temptation facing the leadership of a church or spiritual community is to cling to the familiar and the safe and the tried and tested. While it is the wish of most of us who are members of spiritual or faith communities, churches, to do precisely that, to...

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Understanding what it is that we are Reading

As soon as we move out of our comfort zone then we risk becoming uncomfortable. That is obvious and yet it takes us by surprise no matter how certain we are that it is going to happen. We are capable of failing to anticipate and expect the unexpected. In the Bible,...

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Bart Eherman on Jesus, Who he was and Who he came to be

In a fortnightly workshop in which it is my privilege to participate we are looking seriously at what it means to be a follower of Jesus in the twenty first century. In fact what we are serious about is what it means to be a disciple, student, of Jesus' teaching at...

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Leaving the Church and Exploring a New Model of Church

There are big challenges facing anyone who leaves fundamentalist theology behind. This is something which comes up again and again with people even decades after they have made this move. Both of these video clips have something positive to say to us. Leaving the Fold...

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The Gospel of Thomas

It was my very great privilege to hear Elaine Pagels lecture on two separate occasions and to spend time in conversation and discussion with her. Her book, 'Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas' is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand the Jesus of...

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The Garden of Eden and The Hero’s Journey

If you are reading the opening chapters of Genesis then the first thing you have to get into your head is that this is not history and it is not science. It is very deep and profound truth but you do have to let this ancient material speak to you. Science is not your...

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