The Hero’s Journey

The three video clips used in the latest workshop were shown primarily to encourage participants to recognise that it is impossible to see and experience anything new if we continue simply to do everything we have always done in the same way as we have always done them. These three TEDx recordings featuring Janine Shepherd, Katie Sabira Rubin and Pat Soloman respectively speak for themselves and the connection for the purpose of the workshop is simply that each one encourages us to move out of our on comfort zones in order to experience and to embrace something completely different.

Faith is not about sticking to what we have always done, always believed and always practised. Faith calls us out and up and into what is completely new. There is the world of a difference between holding onto what we have always believed and opening ourselves to the truth. We cannot do both. The two are mutually exclusive.

These are all impressive talks. See the connections, make the connections and be prepared to begin your own journey.


You are not your Body, Janine Shepherd


Spirituality for the Spiritually Rebellious, Katie Sabira Rubin


What is the Hero’s Journey? Pat Soloman

4 thoughts on “The Hero’s Journey

  1. At the end Janine the machine sounds just like Joseph Campbell, who said “You have to be prepared to give up the life you have planned to embrace the life that is waiting for you”, or something similar. And also she talks of bliss ! His favorite phrase was “follow your bliss”.

  2. Katie is hilarious and I agree that we have to not give up, but rather than force square pegs into round holes, let things happen rather than force them. I am reminded of Winnie the Pooh, who when they can’t find their way back home from the clearing in the forest, suggests that they try to find the clearing again, because it’s just what they don’t want ( in theory )…and lo and behold they find their way back home ! ( “The Tao of Pooh” Benjamin Hoff ).
    But it concerns me a little that Katie seems to suggest that everything always turns out well. I think that it’s more a question of accepting, centering, and bringing the best out of every situation, be that supposedly “good” or “bad”.

  3. Both Pat and Katie seem to need to accentuate the positive outcomes of following their bliss, perhaps because of the culture they are in and the type of audience at Ted talks. But I think Campbell’s meaning of the journey was deeper, about riding out the storm of bad experience by delving deeply into its eye and finding the peace in there, at the very core…not needing to change your circumstances like steve jobs did but finding bliss in each and every moment, good or bad, and like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz ( and I think, unlike Katie who seemed to be searching for an external divine light all the time ) discovering that light within us which has always been there, because it’s what we are. Life itself.

  4. Campbell also talked about standing knee deep in a river, dying of thirst, or perhaps an even better image, standing on a whale fishing for minnows ! The answer in both cases is right here, beneath our feet, i.e. within us !

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